the bad old days?

“The medical officer of health for Hackney spoke for many when he reported that if he were to carry out the overcrowding clauses of the 1866 Sanitary Act, he would compel 10,000 people to sleep in the streets, and he and his colleagues were among the first to call for powers to build as well as demolish, and for state housing for the poor.”
from A Social History of Housing 1815-1985 by John Burnett (p146)

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Interviews started!

Following months of preparation, discussion and consultation we have recorded the first interviews for the ‘How did we get here and where are we going?’ Housing in Hackney history project.

If you have experiences you would like to share of  living in Hackney, campaigning for housing or struggling to keep a roof over your head please contact us. Download our leaflet here

Interviews will be archived, with the interviewees permission, at Hackney Museum at the completion of the project.

Get in touch if you want to get involved as a volunteer or participant in any way.

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